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Why can't teenagers play in the AHL?

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Why can't teenagers play in the AHL?

Well, they can, but the CHL-NHL agreement gets in the way. Let's try to find a solution.

There are too many hockey podcasts. It’s an over-saturated market and if you don’t have an established podcast now, in 2022, it’s probably too late.

Most podcasts are also too long, it’s the biggest entry-point issue for me. When a podcast is an hour or 90 minutes long, I start to worry about being able to commit to listening to the entire thing, so rarely even start.

So this podcast is a bit different. It’s short, the first episode was 17 minutes and was already longer than I wanted it to be. This one is a bit tighter and manageable, down to 12 minutes. It’s about the NHL-CHL agreement, how it limits some NHL prospects, and is there a solution that allows some of the best 19-year-olds into the AHL?

It’s an experiment and as paying subscribers, you’ll get to tell me if it’s worth it.

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