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A story you won't find anywhere else.

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Enjoyed your article!

I just finished binging Ted Lasso... interestingly, one of the plot lines had him applying bball triangle offense... to soccer... And, even if you hate soccer, it’s one of best series I’ve watched -5stars! Should be mandatory watching for all coaches and managers!!!

Brunette seams like the real deal, a coach that is constantly learning, self improving, and who fits his system to his players, to maximize their skills and team results!

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A couple of random things. A book on hockey statistics (sorry forgot name) pointed out just as many teams that are more offensive win just as many Stanley Cups.. Second. Far too many coaches don’t realize that soccer, lacrosse,rugby, basketball, field hockey, American football, and ice hockey ARE invasion sports. Invasion sports are “team games where the goal is to score points by invading the opponent's territory while keeping the other team's points low”.

As a coach or an organization, to ignore tactics from other similar sports is an outdated concept. The same can be said of how one implements development of the athlete in order to improve player performance.

I.e. linear vs non linear pedagogy in sports..

Great take on how the game can (and more often than not) be played.

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