I love to see the tracking. Thanks for doing this. Really interesting. Not that you need to do this every game, but I've always been really intrigued by how different coaching styles translates to the microstats so comparing a few more of these periodically would be awesome. Jon Cooper vs Derek Lalonde maybe?

Quick note though that the Dallas total numbers don't seem to add up. Dallas had 93 attempts, but 33 CEA plus 66 DCS is 99 attempts. And if I add up the breakdown by period, I get (19+23+16) = 58 DCS.

I think the Dallas second period numbers are added wrong. If they had 23 DCS and 8 CEA then the total is 31 not 33, and the rest of the numbers then cascade and work out properly.

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Thanks Aaron, and as an admittedly poor mathematician without and editor here, I’m all for helping catch the errors. So thank you! And more importantly thank you for reading/subscribing

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